MMM for HM

Maison Martin Margiela revives the ARCHIVES for their H&M collaboration . I can't wait to see the pieces!



I have been away for so long and seriously missed you!
I am back with great news today… my design has been shortlisted on a virtual showcase and I need you to CLICK & LIKE my B-BAG tote!
Thank you so much :)


MAC & Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman fascinates me, I have seen her work at the Jeu de Paume in Paris. It's quite impressive, her movies were very disturbing… Her transformations are so complex, involving costume, facial features, hair and make up. No doubt MAC is interested in collaborating with her… I cant wait to see the result…

She previous collaborated with Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons


Congratulations Tala

Tala is not only an entrepreneur, she's also a fashion icon… One of her several projects is Starch, a cofounded NGO with fashion designer Rabih Kayrouz to help new and upcoming emerging designers find their way… and get promoted, published… exposed to the world.
Photo Joe Kesrouani


The Black bird with the golden feather McQueen

Lee Alexander McQueen stood out among fashion designers as if nothing could stop him except death, apparently very present in his life. His bold designs were a mask to his fragility, his corsets and armours were nothing but a mere shield for his soul. His talent was of great inspiration, he will be missed, may he r_i_p…

McQueen, 2007

McQueen for Givenchy

McQueen, 2007


DIY papier maché

Necklace, magazine collages and coated steel

Last spring I had the chance to give a low budget short course on jewelry design!!
I guided my students to use papier maché
collages to produce beads and help them put the elements together for the final piece. The experience was nice, but I look forward to give a more advanced class next time.

Earrings, magazine collages and coated steel


Pecha-Kucha 5

Left Victor and Rolf, right Issey Miyake.

Hey there, my blog has been sleeping for a while now as I have been busy with many different things! One of which is I am preparing for my Pecha-Kucha 5 presentation!!! So there will be a lot of material to come after the D-Day June 17th. Get ready ;)*

Those are some of the jewelry that I found in a trunk, inside an old leather box! They are unsigned costume jewelry! yet a treasure to me…


RIP my beloved macbook

My once inspiring desktop, an Enki Bilal illustration!

Hello, hope you've been well! Today I have a very sad announcement: my MacBook went missing on Sunday night after being robbed by an illiterate in Suburbia!! I hate him and I hope it blows in their hands and crystallizes into a Damien Hurst Skull…

My sixth sense had warned me about all this, next time i won't lend it to anyone :( If I were a hacker… I wish… I would get it back somehow!

Damien Hurst, diamond set skull

The reason why I am sharing this with you guys is because I had no back-up, (silly me) and I had so much research and visuals that are gone now. I will try to retrieve as much as I can! I will dig… and I promise to post more often!
If I were la Castafiore I would say: "Ciel! mes bijoux".


through the window!!!

I love this modern poster of Rear window, the color scheme is great and harmonious and I felt like combining it with this high street outfit from UO. A hint of a wardrobe that "Grace" would be wearing if there was a remake…

UO for the outfit and James Joyce for the print

And this Margiela poncho… to add some punch.


I'd die for this…

When I came across this GILES' studio and i saw all the colored leather on the floor that look so soft!!!! the colored pins, studs, feathers and the embroidered accessories…! that looked like an ocean of ideas lying in front of him… omg I wish to order custom colored skins and pins and all that jazz!!
The suede, patent and various leather…

the custom shaped and colored studs

the silk-screened feathers and felt embroidered pectoral…

photos from Wallpaper